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Bancpost's POS terminals don't work, John Stamos enters rehab... Pretty much a Grexit situation all over. Cugetarea zilei: În cazul unui colaps financiar al României, abilităţile dobândite lucrând într-un birou…

Cufarul străbunicii - felicitari...

Continui traditia inceputa anul trecut, tocmai in preajma Craciunului, cand am postat cateva imagini minunate cu reclame vintage si felicitari vintage de sezon. Anul acesta v-am pregatit tot o postare…

La Revoluție… după 25 de ani

În fiecare dimineaţă mă îndrept către zona administrativă a oraşului. E înfiorător de liniştită faţă de ceea ce a fost în 1989. Parcă nimic nu spune povestea a ceea ce…

Favorite Quotes - Food for the Soul

Sometimes, one finds interesting things even when working a demanding job. In my case, I found some of the world's most beautiful quotes in one or two books at the office. So,…


Am cotrobăit prin arhiva din computer - my precious notebook care poartă numele blogului (de fapt blogul poartă numele computerului, dar asta e altă poveste) - şi am decis să…


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Melkior este un brand cosmetic fondat în anul 2010 de către doi francezi – Alexandre Eram şi Eric Jeanmet – care au dorit să lanseze pe piaţă un brand profesional de beauty. Astăzi, Melkior deţine o Şcoală de Make-up şi o Şcoală de Manichiură, iar în portofoliul companiei se regăseşte o gamă largă de produse: de machiaj, de îngrijire, pentru unghii, pentru păr.
We’re about to enter the last days of summer and quite fittingly, Romania is melting under an unusual heat wave that travels across the country. While we’re trying to soak up (responsibly) as much sun as possible and we’re planning a perfect getaway, the month of August is going to move on soon, so let’s make the most of it!
I keep writing in my diary as if nothing happened. The waters are silent, nothing but seagulls flying playfully over the ocean. We are still alone. Last night we had a terrible storm; our hut was destroyed. Thank Goodness for X, he rebuilt it in less than half a day! I also helped to repair the beds and the table. We were thinking of the comfort of our home; here we are grateful for having walls made of straws and palm tree leaves, branches and musk. We are the Robinson Crusoes of the modern times. And there’s only just the two of us...
Once upon a time, a person with a vision overturned the colored pencil box near the computer. One by one, the colors intertwined and took the form of an idea. Frail in the beginning, that idea began to look like a beautifully embroidered spider web. She – a certain someone – then sketched, drew and colored a mini-computer. Currently, that idea is called the Asus EEEPC900A-WF012 and can be found on the website.
The retro fashion is making a comeback, yet technology is progressing! For about 30 years, fashion and technology have intersected, timidly at first, as a whim of young dreamers in what was a complex and incomprehensible future at the time. Music, especially music, has been the muse of creation in these areas.
*“This scene's so hypnotic/ Smoking mirrors, lights and magic / Paper faces in gold / There's solider boys, beauty queens / Everyone's a mystery” At the opening of Juvia's Place's Masquerade Mini palette, 16 eye shadows in mystical color dance their story to African rhythms. The upper rows of the palette make me think of a rainbow of precious stones that ennoble the metals and natural materials laid down on the lower rows.

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"I'm a saint and I'm a sinner / I'm a loser, I'm a winner / I am steady and unstable / I'm young, but I am able" Jessica Andrews - Who I Am

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