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Lexa Verzes

Public Relations Specialist in European Union-funded projects. (Also a dreamer, writer; music lover; radio lover; movies lover.)
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Pachetul în nuanţe metalice m-a făcut să mă întreb de cum l-am văzut: oare ce ascunde? L-am desfăcut în grabă. Două ambalaje holografice mă aşteptau, cuminţi, să le deschid. Într-unul am găsit o oglindă care, dacă ar fi existat în anii 1500, cu siguranţă i-ar fi spus mamei vitrege a Albei ca Zăpada că e „o divă” (şi cea mai frumoasă din împărăţie). În celălalt am găsit o „bomboană” de lac de unghii de 15 ml în nuanţa „Thrill”, parte integrantă a colecţiei Soul Dancing Divas de la Melkior.
“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking. Prepare for landing in Oslo in fifteen minutes. The local time is 6:30 am, temperature 2° C...” The pilot's announcement awakens us from the numbness of the flight. We recover our luggage in record time and in less than 40 minutes we arrive at the hotel, despite the abundant snow that took over the city. I have a strong feeling that we are being watched. “There goes our incognito flight”, I think aloud, reaching the room. We do not have much time. We dress thick and divide the equipment in three backpacks: the Asus UL30 laptop goes with me; M. takes the cameras and S. oversees the GPS systems. The rest of the luggage is left in the hotel room, where we will return after the mission is completed.
Melkior este un brand cosmetic fondat în anul 2010 de către doi francezi – Alexandre Eram şi Eric Jeanmet – care au dorit să lanseze pe piaţă un brand profesional de beauty. Astăzi, Melkior deţine o Şcoală de Make-up şi o Şcoală de Manichiură, iar în portofoliul companiei se regăseşte o gamă largă de produse: de machiaj, de îngrijire, pentru unghii, pentru păr.
We’re about to enter the last days of summer and quite fittingly, Romania is melting under an unusual heat wave that travels across the country. While we’re trying to soak up (responsibly) as much sun as possible and we’re planning a perfect getaway, the month of August is going to move on soon, so let’s make the most of it!
I keep writing in my diary as if nothing happened.

The waters are silent, nothing but seagulls flying playfully over the ocean. We are still alone. Last night we had a terrible storm; our hut was destroyed. Thank Goodness for X, he rebuilt it in less than half a day! I also helped to repair the beds and the table. We were thinking of the comfort of our home; here we are grateful for having walls made of straws and palm tree leaves, branches and musk. We are the Robinson Crusoes of the modern times. And there’s only just the two of us...
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