Lexa Verzes

Lexa Verzes

Public Relations Specialist in European Union-funded projects. (Also a dreamer, writer; music lover; radio lover; movies lover.)
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"I'm a saint and I'm a sinner / I'm a loser, I'm a winner / I am steady and unstable / I'm young, but I am able" Jessica Andrews - Who I Am

  • DREAMER, writer, music lover, film lover.
  • Maramures County (Northern Romania) – the place I call "HOME".
  • Things that comfort me: "Harry Potter" books and films, "Gilmore Girls", "Dirty Dancing", "The Polar Express". Also: the seas, the smell of fresh cut grass, raincoats and umbrellas, thick scarves, the smell of wet sidewalks, snowflakes, mist, rainstorms, hot tea and coffee, baked pumpkins, candles, crunchy colored leaves, amber-like trees, roasted chestnuts, crisp air and a good sleep.
  • Majored in Philosophy and Journalism.
  • KTBPA! – because one time I believed in fairy tales (the age of innocence).
  • First make-up items I ever bought: golden eyeliner, roll-on glitter gel and lip balm.
  • Snowflakes, gingerbread and Christmas are my definition of MAGIC.
  • VINTAGE CHRISTMAS JEWELRY – the perfect gift, no matter the season!
  • POSTCROSSING member.
  • Favorite quote: Per Aspera Ad Astra!
  • My travel agenda for the upcoming years: revisiting Florida, Christmas in New York, Christmas in the UK, The ABBA Museum, BSB Cruise.

For enquiries, comments and everything in between, you can email me at Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea..
Today I found my SSC (Social Security Card). Will I ever use it again? I truly hope so.

Oh, man (and by that, I really mean OH, MAN!), the Internet is going to explode the second “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” is hitting Netflix! It is my all time favorite show, I could watch seasons 1-7 over and over and over again! Amy Sherman Palladino, you are a genius!
Pentru ca un oraş să funcţioneze, trebuie ca, pe lângă primar, să aibă şi consilieri locali care doresc dezvoltarea localităţii respective, mai presus de interesele proprii, ceea ce în ultimii „x” ani nu s-a întâmplat. Pentru ca un judeţ să funcţioneze... vezi mai sus.
So I've managed to get my hands on the “Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation”. The shade I got is 4.5 Medium. I'm not sure if I'm going to test it out today – if it's going to live up to my expectations. After all the hype that this foundation is receiving, maybe it'll disappoint. I did not pay the full price for it (on www.charlottetilbury.com, this retails for £29.50). All in all, I'm excited!
Iulie 1973: a demisionat "liderul Lumii Libere", adică preşedintele în funcţie al SUA, Richard Nixon, la un an după izbucnirea celui mai mare scandal politic din ţară.

Aprilie 2016: După două zile de la publicarea "Dosarului Panama", demisionează premierul Islandei, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson.
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"I'm a saint and I'm a sinner / I'm a loser, I'm a winner / I am steady and unstable / I'm young, but I am able" Jessica Andrews - Who I Am

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