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Spring in Makeup – The Masquerade Mini by Juvia’s

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*“This scene's so hypnotic/ Smoking mirrors, lights and magic / Paper faces in gold / There's solider boys, beauty queens / Everyone's a mystery”

At the opening of Juvia's Place's Masquerade Mini palette, 16 eye shadows in mystical color dance their story to African rhythms. The upper rows of the palette make me think of a rainbow of precious stones that ennoble the metals and natural materials laid down on the lower rows.
One by one, the eye shades reveal the unique features that have provided them with a place at the makeup’s own masquerade ball. From left to right, we find the following colors:
  • Chi: shimmery sea blue;
  • Mali: shimmery grassy green;
  • Dalia: shimmery electric blue;
  • Zola: shimmery turquoise;
  • Makeda: semi-metallic mauve;
  • Zobo: an interesting combination of purple, claret and matte brown;
  • Calabar: metallic red-brown;
  • Bon: matte fuchsia – the only shade in the palette that stains the skin;
  • Giza: metallic cream;
  • Burkina: matte brown with a warm subtone;
  • Cairo: copper with metallic particles;
  • Ada: matte burgundy-brown;
  • Dahia: metallic bronze-gold;
  • Zulu: matte dark brown;
  • Casablanca: metallic bronze;
  • Fulani: A brown similar to Burkina, but with a cold subtone.

According to Juvia's, the strong nuances represent the costumes used in African festivals, and the naked, earthy nuances represent the African soil.

The pallet brings together 57.6 grams of product, each color weighing 3.6 grams. The eye shadows are dressed in a magnificent cardboard box that has a magnetic closure, with an over-cover adorned with the same design as on the box, respectively the image of three African women. In fact, we find out that Juvia's Place is one of the few cosmetics companies in the United States that is owned by a woman of colorChichi Eburu – and specifically (but not exclusively) caters to people with dark skin.

Even though the matte shades are a bit dusty, and Dahlia and Casablanca are pretty granular in texture, they apply well on the eye, leaving behind only a small amount of residue. Metallic shades can be enhanced by wet application, using makeup spray, purified water or thermal water (a practice I recommend for a bold or intense makeup).

The colors I often find myself reaching out to are: Giza – used on both eyelids and to illuminate the inner corner of the eye or arcade; Cairo – the perfect copper shade; Dahia – to give a metallic sheen to the eyelid; Mali, Dalia and Zola – for vibrant make-up, perfect for the warm season or a thematic party.

The Masquerade Mini is by far the best makeup palette I currently own! It blends easily with any other eye shadows, but most of all I am using it in combination with the Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes Volume 2 palette.

Minus points: I would have preferred the palette not to be manufactured in China, but in the US.

I chose this brand because: Kathleen Lights's recommendation – you’ll find on YouTube (KathleenLights) – convinced me!

*“Burning, I'm burning, can't you see it in my eyes?/ Wanna play in this game of disguise/ It's a masquerade, a love parade”

*Backstreet Boys – “Masquerade”
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