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Stranded on an Island with ASUS

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I keep writing in my diary as if nothing happened.

The waters are silent, nothing but seagulls flying playfully over the ocean. We are still alone. Last night we had a terrible storm; our hut was destroyed. Thank Goodness for X, he rebuilt it in less than half a day! I also helped to repair the beds and the table. We were thinking of the comfort of our home; here we are grateful for having walls made of straws and palm tree leaves, branches and musk. We are the Robinson Crusoes of the modern times. And there’s only just the two of us...
Day 275...

I opened my eyes this morning to a surprise. Some of the luggage on the cruise ship was brought to shore by ocean currents (probably due to storm)!. Among them was my camera case, the tripod, the lenses, the laptop… I was sure all were destroyed, but luckily, the water did not infiltrate a bit!

I dragged the luggage onto the sand towards the hut. X threw everything that was superfluous, crushed or damaged by water. I felt most grateful for the camera; the photos I took with it helped me win countless international awards of art photography.

Although it was intact, X advised me to get rid of my laptop (an Asus G2PC-7R004), having no utility on this God forsaken island. I harshly replied that the notebook represents 4.4 kilograms of civilization and I would not throw it even if it would have been a relic!

The darkness came upon us a few minutes ago, yet I am still captivated by what I found.

Day 276...

I barely had any sleep last night. A brilliant idea passed through my mind. X is equally enthusiastic. We will build solar panels to power the camera and the notebook. We will start immediately!

Day 289...

We succeeded! We built the solar panels from what we had at hand (X has sacrificed its digital clock, but it was all in the name of survival). We were filled with emotions when charging the electronic devices! Everything turned out to be OK. I hope the snapshots (a few of them, because I lost the memory card) that I took will bring me a Pulitzer.

It was getting dark, so we turned on the notebook. The 8-cell, 4800 mAh Li-Ion battery performed well. Impressed by the 17-inch ColorShineWXGA + TFT display with a resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels, X asked for details about the Asus. I explained that it has an Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 processor with a frequency of 2000 MHz.

For the first time in many months, we listened to music in the High Definition – some ABBA songs, to remind us of the disco era. We chose to watch at an animated film – I do not know why, but the adventure movies were a bit hard to digest! The video chipset of the notebook is the ATI Mobility Radeon X1700, with a VRAM memory and 512 MB of memory capacity. X was wondering how I could I have had so many files stored on the drive. When he heard about the standard 2048 MB RAM (DDR2 667Mhz), the SATA interface hard drive and the 5400 rpm rotational speed of 160 GB, he became an instant fan of the notebook. Before bedtime, I got the nickname "IT geek". I want to go home!

Day 302...

If only I would have some DVDs, so I could copy my pictures from the camera! In vain; the DVD RW Super Multi LightScribe optic unit is unused and is breaking my heart. The notebook has 5 USB 2.0 ports and not even one memory stick can be found in the luggage! I can hardly mention the other ports: 1 x DVI, 1 x Microphone-in, 1 x Line-out (SPDIF), 1 x VGA, 1 x DVI-D, 1 x IEEE 1394, 1 x RJ-45, 1 x S-Video, 1 x AV-in. Plus an ExpressCard extension slot!

X wondered why I was writing all the technical details in the journal. I'm writing to pass the time, not to think of those at home who are probably believing we are forever gone. We are isolated on a no man’s island…

It's time to eat. We got fried fish. It's X's merit, I do not know how to fish, hunt or cook. I bring my contribution for the daily meals searching for fruits all along the island’s coast. ,

Day 334...

The first log as a former (!!!) castaway. I'm writing from a ship. They saved us two days ago! The ship ended up by mistake near the shore; another storm overloaded their navigation system. Lucky us! From that moment on I was full of joy and excitement. We're now approaching the first port. We will arrive in an hour, the captain says. We learned that we are an international case – the mysterious disappearance of the cruise yacht was on every newscast around the world. They thought X and I were dead.

I managed to copy my precious pictures on a couple of DVDs. I even got an Internet connection via Asus' wireless option. I wanted to log onto a chat program, to start my 1.3 M integrated microphone and webcam, but I only managed to write: "We’re safe and sound! We're coming home!"

The Asus G2PC-7R004 notebook is available on

This article was initially written for the SuperBlog2008 – a Romanian creative blogging competition. The original story can be found here.
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