There's been a time when a was a die-hard fan of the WB's (now CW) family show Gilmore Girls and, of course, like many others, I tried my best to write a fan fiction mini-script of the series. Here is a glimpse of what Gilmore Girls could’ve been with me on the writing staff. Enjoy! Smile

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and the names presented in this fan fiction.


(Lorelai lies up in the bed, surrounded by five or six pillows, covered by a blanket. She looks awful, she is cold and she is very pale, with a red nose and a voice like coming from a tomb. She acts like she is feverish. Rory enters her room and stops at the door, looking at her mother. Lorelai has her eyes closed, like she is sleeping. But she hears steps and opens her eyes.)
Sometimes, one finds interesting things even when working a demanding job. In my case, I found some of the world's most beautiful quotes in one or two books at the office. So, in the middle of the summer-rush, while working as a Contract Processing Agent, I took a few minutes to read and write down the sayings that appealed to me. Now I do not remember the name of those books/ booklets, but if interested, you can try googling them.

Here they are. Enjoy!
I would like to be a Supergirl just once, so I could make it right for those whom I love.

I feel the autumn colors invading my veins; I am becoming one with the crisp air of the fall.

Mind games are interesting and I find them really challenging. I could do that, but not too often. People might get hurt. I might get hurt. Still, some evil part of me desires to be just like that: without boundaries and without conscience.
I feel you in every page I want to write. But then I fill the white with your presence and it seems like my story writes itself with you. You are my story, tattooed on my skin… it’s burning! Why? There must be a REASON.

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