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Vintage Christmas Brooches – My Collection

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It’s been a few weeks since the glitz and glam of the winter holidays has worn off. The Christmas trees that once decorated our houses are gone and the New Year’s Eve confetti are just a faded memory…

Hold off any nostalgia, because I’m here to bring back the holiday cheer! For the past 6 years I’ve been collecting winter-themed vintage brooches and a couple of pairs of earrings as well; I have around 30 brooches (all from the USA) – most of them depict the Christmas celebrations, though are secular in what they represent: sleighs, snowmen, trees, holly, Santa Claus, gifts, candy canes, wreaths. Only a handful of them touch the religious aspect of the holiday: angels, candles, bells.
I have just a few signed brooches (from Gerry’s – one of the most famous costume jewelry manufacturers, from AAi and from Euroclimat), but all the jewelry in my collection is vintage, stretching from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. I cannot remember how I started to like this type of brooches; I was suddenly in love with everything Christmas and vintage.

Some of the pieces I own were brought from antique fairs, some from online Romanian vintage stores and some from etsy shops. Unfortunately, my fellow Romanians are not very keen into having these types of brooches and I often must go to the “depths” of the Internet (mostly Romanian sites) to find something worth owning. Even though I’ve done my research, I don’t really know if there’s anyone in my country that collects these brooches as well or if I’m the only Romanian with this particular hobby.

The brooches are made of common gold tone or silver tone metal – they are very heavy and sturdy –, usually decorated with rhinestones, enamel or faux pearls. They close with C claps, safety claps or pin-like clasps.

I accessorize them at everything: knitted winter scarves, sweaters, wool jackets and coats etc. I usually get away with wearing them well after the Christmas is over, especially the ones that are exclusively winter-themed.

In lieu of goodbye, I must warn you that I’m always on the hunt for exciting Christmas jewelry pieces, but they have to be budget-friendly and, of course, vintage.

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