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We met on a fixed time in a graffiti-painted alley. Casually dressed in jeans and a shirt, with only a backpack on my shoulders, I was deep in conversation. We talked calmly for 10-15 minutes, then we ran in different directions, emerging ourselves in the big city.
We were passionate about gaming and free-running and we made an odd plan: we had to find a few – either unusual or mundane – places to play “Second Life”, photograph them as a testimony and upload them only after we left the location. If one of us guessed the next place where each of the others could hide, he/ she would hunt him/ her in “Second Life” and make him/ her his/ her slave, thus gaining supremacy in the game.

Sheltered by the darkness, I fled to the roof of my favorite skyscraper. Crouched near the access door, I took out of the laptop bag my brand-new ASUS G60J and logged on to “Second Life”. Although there was no alternative source of light (except for the Moon), I was in control due to the illuminated keyboard of my laptop. In addition, the 16-inch diagonal screen in vibrant colors helped me enormously. I was glad to have at my disposal the NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 240M graphics card with 1GB of DDR3 VRAM.
The sunrise pulled me out of the trance I was in; I needed a shower. I took a picture with the phone and ran down the stairs. I walked out of the building, stopping across the road, where I uploaded the picture in the game, then walked with confidence in a café for a snack and a drink. I ate relaxed, listening to a Timbaland mini-concert. He was a notable presence in “Second Life”, promoting his new album. The Altec Lansing® and EAX Advanced HD 4.0 speakers gave me the feeling of attending a live concert right there in the café. Before I got the chance to pay what I had consumed, I noticed a shadow running in front of the café. I closed my notebook, I stuffed my headphones in my backpack, threw the money on the table, and flipped out, looking for the “ghost”.

I ran on the streets, bypassing garbage cans, climbing and descending the stairs of various buildings, and stopped to rest for a bit at the edge of the industrial area, between blast furnace and abandoned warehouses. I opened my laptop, logged into the game and noticed that one of the rivals had posted his last photos precisely in that area. By examining them closer, I realized that the individual had a circular path. I made a calculation in my mind, thinking that I might be close to uncover one of my rivals. A picture of the abandoned warehouses... then I kept running. I breathed in and out at a certain pace. I was hot and sweaty; I was thinking I should have taken a shower when I had the chance.

I arrived at a huge dam and I recognized him at once. He stood on the other side of the water-filled haul, with his laptop open. The only way I could photograph him was to get on the narrow concrete stairs that stretched towards the middle of the dam. I mustered up the courage and balanced myself, trying not to make a sound. I stopped when I had some stability, took the guy’s picture, uploaded it and sent him a message via the game: “Gotcha!”.

His avatar teleported, and I had to search him through an infinite number of virtual worlds. I received a tip from Queen Zala’s avatar and I teleported to a biker parade at The Falls. That's where I captured him and locked him in a tower in the middle of the Amazonian jungle. Thanks to the TurboBoost technology, the processor behaved excellent and the game ran smoothly even in the worst and most dangerous conditions I put myself in. I shut down my ASUS and I stood up carefully, thinking: “One down, one more to go!”. I had to leave the place as soon as possible, to avoid being spotted.

This article was initially written for the SuperBlog2009 – a Romanian creative blogging competition. The original story can be found here.
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