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Bits and pieces (II)

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Today I found my SSC (Social Security Card). Will I ever use it again? I truly hope so.

Oh, man (and by that, I really mean OH, MAN!), the Internet is going to explode the second “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” is hitting Netflix! It is my all time favorite show, I could watch seasons 1-7 over and over and over again! Amy Sherman Palladino, you are a genius!
How to survive cockroaches 101, part 1: Plan A: Try to find a weapon in the room. Weapon not found. Plan B: Slap them silly with your slipper. Success!

My two cents: There can be miscarriages of justice that lead to a guilty person (or a criminal) to walk free. “Technicalities” such as hiding evidence, manufacturing evidence, influencing the witnesses, breaking the chain of custody etc. etc. etc. can cause not only an innocent person to be imprisoned, but a person that is guilty of the crime committed to be released.

Putting my recently gained knowledge (as a “Forensic Psychology: Witness Investigation” graduate) to good use, I wonder if I was the only one that screamed at the screen, during Ben's case in “Grey's Anatomy”: “Inattentional blindness! Inattentional blindness!”. So yeah, he DID NOT see the elevator doors opening.

Thought of the day: I'm puzzled sometimes by the level of maturity that I can achieve in conversations with friends or strangers alike. Other times, I'm downright childish. Like drawing on walls childish.
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