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In the Park

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I feel you in every page I want to write. But then I fill the white with your presence and it seems like my story writes itself with you. You are my story, tattooed on my skin… it’s burning! Why? There must be a REASON.
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Lexa Verzes

Public Relations Specialist in European Union-funded projects. (Also a dreamer, writer; music lover; radio lover; movies lover.)


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Sa mai stai pe bancute in parc, ca uite ce chestii frumoase scrii :)
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Blank pages to be filled with hopes, empty nights to be filled with dreams, endless hours to be filled with love...cause in hopes, dreams and love there's no need for A REASON.
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@Keltoighost: Multumesc. Muza atinge oriunde.
@Nora Vaum: There is a reason for everything. You just have [to search for it and] to find it.
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