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Am cotrobăit prin arhiva din computer - my precious notebook care poartă numele blogului (de fapt blogul poartă numele computerului, dar asta e altă poveste) - şi am decis să postez încetul cu încetul tot ce am scris şi merită să fie citit şi de ceilalţi (adică de voi). Dacă e bine, dacă nu e bine, dacă vă place şi dacă nu... lăsaţi un comentariu sau scrieţi-mi un e-mail. Accept şi SMS-uri. Confused
(Scris în iulie 2004)

Golden dust in a silver night… and I’m looking back, in the past. I remember the Moon… three thousand years ago. Back then, I died in the crusade of my soul. I was born in Hell and raised in Paradise, I was loved in Paradise and they killed my love on the land of Gods. They talked about sin. Our only sin was our love… damned by the celestial creatures. We were lost, then found… in our love. But they said it was wrong. Evil cannot fall for Good. To reach the sky again, I needed him. And he wasn’t beside me. His soul, wich was my shelter, was captured by Demons and transformed into fire. Then, they wanted to burn my being with it, but the fire turned off… I wished the Devil gave me up and I was left alone on the cold Moon, crying for the frozen light of my spirit.

The Gods tortured me, dragging my body through the wet mud, burying me next to the mummies of the ones who had loved… too much. Their faces were ugly and full of anger. And the Moon was deserted… And I was alive. The thorns scratched me, leaving my skin blessed by the warm blood. I slept, covered with blood. It was peaceful; the cript was my home and the tears were my bed. Later, when I started to shout my pain, I saw the red blood turning black. Grizzled angels came to me, laughing about my impotence to escape. I was imprisoned in the Devil’s cemetery. They pledged allegiance to the sin, watching me cursing the holly water in wich I was washed by the messengers of the sky. I ate star dust and I drank acid rain.

They took away my love… my life… my dreams, but why? Why? He was my reason, my eternity… I was the Evil. Evil cannot love. But I did! He loved me! Why should I belive the creatures? While in love, I was good and now I’m infected with the rage of the vampires. I want the blood of the Gods, to torment them forever. The Moon is the same. I remember. Does he remember? It’s over now. They still whisper to me my passed life… but I killed all the Gods. And I was convicted to destroy everything that is pure and beautiful. Now I’m dead; a dead soul, who whishes the Moon. They turned my body into fire and now they want me to burn the love. But the fire won’t burn… until it finds the other fire…

(Textul îmi aparţine şi nu poate fi reprodus parţial sau total decât cu acordul meu.)
Citit 1970 ori


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