We are at the end of March; it is well known that once we enter the spring season, makeup is becoming increasingly more colorful. I updated my makeup routine, and I transitioned from the very pale, almost cold tones – with predominantly silver, blue white and gray tints – to a pastel color palette.
The winter snow arrived early this year, bringing in my feelunique.com package. It was the first time I placed an external order and I really wanted to be a from a trusted site (feelunique is headquartered in London, England).
So I've managed to get my hands on the “Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation”. The shade I got is 4.5 Medium. I'm not sure if I'm going to test it out today – if it's going to live up to my expectations. After all the hype that this foundation is receiving, maybe it'll disappoint. I did not pay the full price for it (on www.charlottetilbury.com, this retails for £29.50). All in all, I'm excited!
NikkieTutorials swears by it, and other beauty gurus rave about the Nivea Men after shave balm, so I decided to give it a go! It contains glycerine, that supposedly moisturizes your skin and keeps your makeup on for the entire day!

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